Tuesday, July 16, 2013

On the way to 10,000

   This morning I was just in between translations for one of my clients (that's how I earn real money), so I took a look at the statistics for the sales for Little J Books in the Kindle Store to see how things were doing. Another sale. Excellent! Thank you! That makes 23 for the month. I then added that number to the tally I keep in an Excel file. Wow. So far Little J Books has sold 160 books on Amazon and given away another 331. Closing in on 500 downloads from the Amazon Kindle Store.
   Then I took a look at the downloads from Smashwords and I realized that Little J Books has actually passed 1,000 downloads in total (Amazon + Smashwords)!Seeing that number gave me such a boost. If we can get to 1,000 downloads in only 6 months then 10,000 downloads is not so far off after all. Just think, all those people enjoying the stories of Kenji Miyazawa and Nankichi Niimi. I wonder how many readers had never even heard of these authors before. When I went back to work I looked a lot like the Little J logo (that's a raccoon dog by the way).

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