Friday, July 19, 2013

Gon the fox?

 I was walking around my garden yesterday evening and just happened to look up at the cemetery behind our house and saw a fox settling down for a late afternoon nap. It wasn't long ago that I hadn't seen any Japanese foxes up close, but recently I've been seeing them quite regularly - like once a week. I think that is because I started getting up and going for a run early in the morning. Most of the time they are just lazing about in the middle of the road, soaking up the early morning sun.
I thought this one would be super sensitive to my footsteps so I crept up the slope to the cemetery with as much stealth as I could, making sure to take a lot of photos, just in case it made a quick getaway. Every now and then it would lift up its head and cast an eye around dreamily, but it never took any notice of me so I figured it just didn't care. So then I got careless and kicked a couple of stones and it quickly looked up and bounded away, and when I snapped a couple of photos without looking through the viewfinder I just got this one with the side of its head.
If you've read Gon the Fox, you'll know that Gon hides out in the cemetery so he can see who died, so I thought this was pretty funny that a fox should be visiting the cemetery behind my house so soon after I finished the English translation. Everyone loves Gon!

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